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一次动筋针左右肩治疗三个月没反复(Lishu Hickok)one time treatment for shoulder pain

蔡沥书(Lishu Hickok)is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,licensed

acupuncturist living in Oceanside, CA with experience treating numerous patients at my clinic. She has a Diploma of Oriental Medicine and received numerous awards during her studies. She learned Chinese Herbs from my family since her childhood, and also interested in Chinese herbs.

这个病人1/24/2024,neck pain Rt shoulder pain many years after surgery from rotator cuff. One treatment 松解小圆机,冈上肌,前锯肌。一次治疗后,再也没痛已经2个半月了。腰痛治疗松解髂肌,小转子左右两边,腰大肌,腰方肌,五次分次治疗,基本痊愈了。治疗前后动态监测对比明显好转,见下图:

这个病人去年也有治疗,他有Fusion在颈椎,左右肩4次手术,膝盖也有一次手术。之前治疗完疼痛可以减少,过段时间又会痛,不能完全升举手臂,一次治疗已经3个月了,没再痛了, 升举手臂完全正常。这次腰痛、不能做后伸前屈,不能下蹲,不能做瑜伽盘腿坐等这些动作。现在都没问题了。


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