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中医节气之养生-芒种 Health maintenance during Grain in ear Term between Jun 5th to 20nd

芒种后养生要点:千万别“伤心” Stay Cheerful during Grain in Ear

芒种(六月五日--六月二十日今年),是夏季的第三个节气,随着五月脚步的远去,六月的来临,热情似火的仲夏时节正式到来。 Grain(6/05--06/20/2021) in Ear (Mangzhong) is the third Solar Term in Summer (the 9th of 24 Solar Terms). With May going away, June is approaching. The enthusiastic midsummer season has officially arrived.

“芒种”也称为“忙种”。《月令七十二侯集解》中云:“五月节,谓有芒之种谷可稼种矣。”,指这段时期大麦、小麦等“有芒”作物的种子已经成熟,抢收十分急迫。同时,晚谷、黍、稷等夏播作物也到了播种的时节,预示着农民们进入了最为忙碌的时候。 In Chinese, Grain in Ear has similar pronunciation as Busy Planting. Month Order of 72 Pentad recorded: “During May, it is said that there are awns and grains to be planted.” This refers to the period when the seeds of barley, wheat and other “awny” crops have matured and are ready to be harvested. At the same time, summer sown crops such as late grain, and millet have also reached its planting season, indicating that farmers have entered the busiest time of the year. 芒种为何易”伤心” ?中医认为:汗为心液,天气炎热导致人们出汗增多,伤的就是心阴。同时,这段时期白天气候炎热,容易灼伤心气;夜晚闷热潮湿,易让人烦躁不安,影响到睡眠,造成心阳不足。总而言之,芒种是一个容易“伤心”的节气。 Why do we need to stay cheerful during Grain in Beard? Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner believes that sweat is the fluid of the heart, and the hot weather causes people to sweat, which could hurt the heart’s yin. With the high temperature during the day, it could easily burn the heart; the night is hot and humid, which can easily make people irritable and disturbed, which will affect sleep and cause insufficient heart yang. All in all, Grain in Ear is the Solar Term that can cause sadness in people, so it is important to remain cheerful. 芒种养生 Grain in Ear Nourishing

因此,芒种这段日子里的养生重点,无疑就落在了“养心”二字。 Therefore, the health care focus during Grain in Ear is undoubtedly “nourishing the heart”. 中医认为,带苦味的食物偏寒性,具有清热的作用,正好能够缓解炎热气候给人带来的心神不宁,祛除体内的热气和湿气。当然,对于老年人或本身虚寒体质的人,就不建议吃苦味的食物了,容易伤及肺和胃。 Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that bitter foods are cold in nature and have the effect of clearing heat, which can relieve the restlessness caused by the hot climate and remove the heat and moisture from the human body. It is not recommended for the elderly or people with weak and cold constitutions to consume bitter foods, as it can easily damage the lungs and stomach.

芒种养心阴,要多吃水果、蔬菜,多汁的食物,特别是一些红色的水果,如西红柿,西瓜和樱桃。就拿樱桃来说,含铁量很高,因此有着“天然补血剂”的美誉,能益气养心、祛风除湿,滋润皮肤,是芒种“养心”必吃之物。 Nourish the heart’s yin during Grain in Ear, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially red colored fruits, such as tomatoes, watermelons, and cherries. Take cherries for example, they are high in iron, so they have the reputation of “natural blood tonic”, which can nourish qi and the heart, dispel wind and dehumidification, and nourish the skin. All in all, cherry is a hearty fruit.

芒种出汗增多,容易“伤心阴”,这是因为流失的体液中除了水分,还有各种钙、钾、镁等微量元素。这时候,光喝水肯定不够,最好的方法是多喝汤。因为汤中含有食盐,各种调料,荤蔬菜等,就能一次性将流失的营养都补充了。 The weather is very muggy during Grain in Ear, the human body tend to sweat more and are prone to “sadness yin”. In addition to losing water, various trace elements such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium are also lost from our body. Drinking water is not enough to make up for the various trace elements, one of the best way is to drink soup that contains salt, various seasonings, meat, and vegetables, etc. Soup can replenish the lost nutrients all at once. 推荐汤水 Soups Recommendation

山药薏仁祛湿汤 Chinese Yam Pearl Barley Soup 用料:麦芽10克,茅根15克,玉竹10克,山药20克,薏苡仁30克,红枣9枚,排骨500克,生姜3片。 Ingredients: 10 grams of Malt, 15 grams of Lalang Grass Rhizome, 10 grams of Polygonatum, 20 grams of Chinese Yam, 30 grams of Pearl Barley, 9 pieces of Red Dates, 500 grams of Pork Ribs, 3 slices of Ginger. 做法步骤 Cooking Instruction 1、干货食材洗净,稍浸泡。生姜去皮切片。 Wash dried ingredients & soak for a while. Peel & slice ginger. 2、猪排骨放入冷水煮沸,灼白沥干。 Put pork ribs in cold water & boil, blanch & drain. 3、把所有食材放入砂锅内,加1500毫升清水,武火煮沸。 Put all the ingredients in a casserole, add 1500ml of water, & bring water to boil. 4、文火煲2小时。饮汤时调入适量盐,排骨可捞起蘸酱油佐餐。 Boil on low fire for 2 hours, turn fire off & add salt. You can also enjoy the pork ribs dipped in soy sauce. 食疗功效:汤品清润,气味清香,雨季食之,正合其宜。 Therapeutic Effect: This soup is refreshing and moisturizing, aromatic, and is suitable to consume in rainy season. 麦芽性平味甘,能消食和中、健脾开胃,纾解肝郁。茅根味甘,性寒。能凉血清热,解烦渴。玉竹味甘,性微寒。能养阴润燥,生津止渴。薏苡仁、山药祛湿健脾。红枣补中益气,养血安神。猪排骨补阴益髓。诸物合而为汤能清热开胃生津、滋阴补气、祛湿养血。 Malt is flat and sweet, easily digested and neutralized, invigorate the spleen and appetite, relieve liver depression. Lalang grass rhizome is sweet and cold in nature. It can cool serum and heat, quench polydipsia. Polygonatum is sweet and slightly cold in nature. It can nourish yin and moisturize dryness, promote body fluid, and quench thirst. Pearl barley and Chinese yam dispel dampness and invigorate the spleen. Red dates invigorate the vital energy, nourish blood, and soothe the nerves. Pork ribs nourishes yin and marrow. The combination of all ingredients into a soup can clear away heat, appetite, promote fluid, nourish yin, and invigorate qi, dispel dampness, and nourish blood.

桑葚水 Mulberry Water 芒种后湿热加重,会导致脾胃湿热内蕴,心火较重而影响睡眠,睡前喝一杯桑葚水,安神的效果不错。 The dampness and heat in our body aggravated after Grain in Ear which could cause dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach, the heart’s internal heat is much heavier and will affect sleep, drinking a glass of mulberry water before going to bed could help calm the nerves. 做法步驟 Brewing Instruction

桑葚水简单易做,将买来的新鲜桑葚取二两,加入300毫升水,先煮沸然后再用小火煮10分钟就可以了。桑葚水味道酸甜,喝起来也比较爽口。 Mulberry water is easy to brew. Boil 300ml water with two mulberries, simmer for 10 minutes on low heat. The taste of mulberry water is sweet, sour, and refreshing.

适当的文娱活动能调节情志、修养身心,是很好的“养心”方法。考虑到天气较热,不宜开展太过激烈的运动,因此可以选择书法、垂钓等项目。现代研究表明,长期习练书法者呼吸趋慢、血压趋稳,练字的过程可使人思想集中,心无杂念,气血贯通,从而有利于心理状态的调节,达到调养身心,延年益寿目的。 Appropriate recreational activities can regulate emotions and cultivate the body and mind, which is a very good way to “nourish the mind”. Considering the hot weather, it is not suitable to play very intense sports, instead, you can choose calligraphy, fishing, and other activities. Modern research shows that long-term calligraphy practice slows down breathing and stabilizes blood pressure. Practicing calligraphy can help people focus their minds, keep their minds free of distracting thoughts, and communicate qi and blood, which is beneficial to the adjustment of mental state, and achieves the purpose of conditioning the body and mind and prolonging life.

经常按摩两个穴位,能心脏启动保养效果。第一个叫作极泉穴,在我们腋窝正中间最深的位置。尤其是中老年人经常按摩这里,能对心脏问题启到一定的预防效果。 Regular massage of two acupoints can activate the heart maintenance effect. The first point is call Ji Quan point, which is the deepest point in the middle of our armpits. Especially middle-aged and elderly people should often massage here, which can have a certain preventive effect on heart problems. 第二个穴位在手掌小指和无名指指骨中间的位置,叫少府穴,按摩这里能够有效地缓解心慌、胸闷或者心口痛等各种心脏问题。 The second acupuncture point is located between the little finger of the palm and the phalanx of the ring finger. It is called the Shao Fu point. Massage here can effectively relieve various heart problems such as palpitation, chest tightness or heartache.

养生推荐 Health Recommendation

二十四节气是指二十四时节和气候,分别为: “春雨惊春清谷天,夏满芒夏暑相连,秋处露秋寒霜降,冬雪雪冬小大寒。”

24 Solar Terms refer to the twenty-four seasons and weather, respectively: “Spring rains awaken, spring clears grainy skies” (Spring begins, with an increase of rainfall; thunders awaken insects, with an equal length of day and night clears raining skies, and early crops show their shoots). “Summer connects heat, summer plumps grain” (Summer begins where summer crops become plump but are not yet ripe. Wheat becomes ripe and summer planting begin. Daytime is the longest and nighttime is the shortest, begins the hottest period of the year). “Autumn placing dew, autumn is chilly, falling frost” (Autumn begins and ends hot summer. White dew is the transition from summer to autumn, temperature drops sharply. Equal length of day and night returns, weather reaches cold dew, as weather becomes colder, frost begins to form). “Winter snow, snowy winter, minor and major cold” (Winter beings, snow begins to fall. As weather becomes colder comes heavier snow fall. Daytime is the shortest as nighttime is the longest, begins the coldest period of the year). 根据不同时令,选择不同养生方式,会达到事半功倍的效果。欢迎持续关注我们,了解各节气养生大全! Choosing different regimens during different seasons will greatly achieve “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine” effect. You can learn more about the various Solar Terms and other health encyclopedias by continuing following our posts.


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