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药膳有学问,不同体质,中药师教你如何下汤料!Body Constitutions and Its Medicinal Recipes


Traditional Chinese Medicine divides human body into 9 constitutions: Neutral Constitution, Constitution of Qi Asthenia, Constitution of Yang Asthenia, Constitution of Yin Asthenia, Constitution of Phlegm and Dampness, Constitution of Damp-Heat, Constitution of Blood Stasis, Constitution of Qi Stagnation, and Special Constitution.

1. 湿热体质如何进补?Nourishing Constitution of Damp-Heat


Constitution of Damp-Heat is determined by the climate. Generally, if the climate is humid, the body is relatively damp, an individual will have a bitter or strange taste in mouth, fatigue or heaviness of the body. It is recommended using 10 grams of Lotus Leaf and 30 grams of Pearl Barley to boil 200-300ml of water as tea. As for soup, you can use Flos Bombacis Malabarici (Mu Mian Hua), Tuckahoe (Tu Fu Ling), Pearl Barley, etc. to clear the damp-heat.

2. 痰湿体质如何进补?Nourishing Constitution of Phlegm-Dampness


People with Constitution of Phlegm-Dampness often have weak spleen. They need to stimulate the overall metabolism of the body, especially the fluid transforming processes which promotes the functions of spleen, lungs, and kidney system. Strengthening the spleen can help dispel dampness and phlegm, then the body will return to normal naturally.


There are many spleen-invigorating prescriptions in the medicated diet, such as Tuckahoe (Fu Ling) and Dried Pearl Barley, which have effect of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness. People with fullness of abdomen, loss of appetite, cough with phlegm due to Phlegm-Dampness Constitution, Dried Orange Peel soaked in boiling water for drinking or add in soups are also great choices as medicine.

3. 气虚体质如何进补?Nourishing Constitution of Qi Asthenia


People with Qi Asthenia often feel fatigue, shortness of breath, and easily feel tired when they move. Radix Axtragali and Codonopsis Pilosula (Dangshen) are commonly used for qi medicines. Those with deficiency of yang and qi, often have cold limbs, in this case, Red Ginseng is suitable. For those with deficiency of qi and yin, American Ginseng soaked in boiled water as tea can help replenish qi, nourish yin and promote fluid. Using this kind of medicine in stew chicken soup is also a good alternative for replenishing qi.

4. 阳虚如何进补?Nourishing Constitution of Yang Asthenia


With Yang Asthenia, individuals lack heat energy, they will need to strengthen liver and kidney to produce more heat in body. For example, chives are relatively warm, an easy and convenient dish would be scrambled eggs with chives. People who have cold limbs can cook mutton soup using Angelica Sinensis (Dong Quai) and ginger. Angelica Sinensis has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, which can help expel coldness.

5. 阴虚体质如何进补?Nourishing Constitution of Yin Asthenia


It is easy to distinguish Yin Asthenia, key feature of this is warm palms and soles, individuals need to moisten and cool body properly. Constitution of Yin Asthenia causes body to produce internal heat, medicated food such as Polygonatum Odoratum, Radix Ophiopogonis and Dendrobium Nobile can be used to nourish yin. You can also make tea with Dried Goji Berry and Chrysanthemum to nourish liver and improve eyesight.

6. 平和体质如何进补?Nourishing Neutral Constitution


Most people have Neutral Constitution. Individual with Neutral Constitution have peaceful and normal physique, strong qi and blood, and their body is well function physically and mentally. These types of people are healthiest among other types. However, it is important to note that long-term improper diet may cause physique to be badly adjusted. It is recommended that people with Neutral Constitution to maintain healthy lifestyle such as a widely selected diet, exercise regularly and ensure enough sleep to stay healthy and maintain balance of yin and yang.

7. 特禀体质如何进补?Nourishing Special Constitution


Special Constitution is a specific term, it is allergic physique. For example, many people have allergic rhinitis, and when they get into an environment with bad air quality, they will sneeze desperately. There is also allergic asthma, allergic purpura, allergic urticaria and so on.


Allergic physique should maintain a light and balance diet. It is better to cut back or avoid food that are spicy, or food such as: seafood, chives, beef, lamb, goose, and things with fishy smell, this could help avoid inducing hives.

8. 淤血体质如何进补?Nourishing Constitution of Blood Stasis


Constitution of Blood Stasis mainly exists due to inefficient blood circulation and may develop blood stagnation in some regions of the body. Individuals need to intake blood-stimulating food, Dried Ranax (Tianqi) and Hawthorn are suitable medicinal diet, cooked in soups or consume powdered. 1 to 3 grams a day can help activate and nourish blood, resolve stasis, and regulate qi.

9. 气郁体质如何进补? Nourishing Constitution of Qi Stagnation

中医声称气郁与肝脏虚弱有关。 在中医中,肝脏调节气的运动并平衡情绪。 当个体承受压力时,它很容易破坏肝脏的调节功能,进而影响体内的气活动。长期气郁会导致血循环不畅,严重影响健康。重要的是要调整自己的心态, 更积极地参加社交活动并定期锻炼身体。可多吃一些选用具有行气解郁功效的中药来改善, 陈皮柴胡。忌吃:辛辣、咖啡、浓茶等刺激品。

Traditional Chinese Medicine claims Qi Stagnation is associated with a weak liver. When an individual is under pressure, it can disturb the liver’s regulatory functions, and it could affect qi activities within the body. Long-term Qi Stagnation can lead to poor blood circulation and seriously affect health. It is important to adjust one’s attitude, be more socially active and exercising regularly. It is also helpful to consume Chinese medicines with the effect of promoting qi and reliving depression such as, Dried Orange Peel with boiling water as tea and Buplerum Radix. Avoid spicy food, coffee and other stimulants teas.


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