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Rheumatoid Arthritis Fumigation-washing treatment

Ingredients: 雷公藤(Tripterygium Wilfordii) 羌活(Notopterygium root) 独活(Radix Angelicae root) 伸筋草(Clavatum) 威灵仙(Radix Clematidis) 50g each of them, can use two times.


Actions: Eliminate dampness, relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation, eliminate cold, stop pain, disple wind.

Preparation: 50 g each of them, decoct them in the pot with an adequate amount of water, ( water is higher the medicinal materials, decoct twice) ( after boiled add some cold water boil it again), and then pour the decoction into the cantainer ( use wooden barrel ). Add two liang of liquor(酒)

pour into the decoction, then put the affected limbs on top of the woodwn barrel and cover it. let the steam fumigate and wash it slowly. After the water becomes hot, soak the affected limbs in the water for 5 mins to achieve a good effect, Generally, it's used once every three days and two to three times week.

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