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Herbal treatment for Lung cancer case

Lung cancer case:

Huang, 76 years old, 169cm, 140 Ib. First visit on March 3, 2021.

Left lung squamous cell carcinoma has metastasized to the thoracic cavity for one year. After taking the targeted drug anlotinib, the reaction was very strong. The palm joints were red, swollen, hot and painful with rashes, the scalp often had pustules, anal dryness, stool twice a day, watery or loose stools, 3 nocturia, sometimes urinating but not urinating.

The tongue was ulcerated (painful), itchy throat and cough caused waist and chest pain, bitter mouth, normal appetite, poor sleep, and weight loss of 8Ib in one year. After taking herbs Xiao... Decoction combined with herbs Mai....Decoction and herbs Xuan... Decoction one month ago, the symptoms of hands and feet improved significantly. However, the recent vomiting and diarrhea caused unbearable throat pain, affecting speech and swallowing, and the stool was not formed.

The person was thin, the throat was eroded, the tongue was red and the coating was less, and the pulse was floating.

Prescription: herbal decoctions for 14 doses.

Follow-up on March 24, 2021: After taking the herbal decoctions, the sore throat was relieved, the cracking pain in the hands and feet improved, the cough improved, and the stool became formed. The targeted drugs were taken continuously, and the chest CT was similar to the previous one after admission, and the evaluation was stable. The original prescription was continued for 25 doses.

Note: "Throat discomfort" is not just coughing, but also includes sore throat, ulcers, aphonia, etc. After chemotherapy for lung cancer in this case, although the stool was diarrhea, the erosion and pain of the throat affected speaking and swallowing, accompanied by red tongue and less coating, which still supported the diagnosis of Chinese medicine prescription syndrome. In addition, after taking the herbal tea, not only the sore throat was relieved, the cough improved, and the stool was formed, but also the cracking of the hands and feet improved. This case suggests that the combination of Chinese medicine with chemotherapy for lung cancer may have the clinical effect of reducing side effects and enhancing physical fitness.


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