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Herbal tea treat Tinnitus

# Medical case,

The day before yesterday, Ms. L sent me a message telling me that her tinnitus disappeared after just one dose of herb. She said excitedly: "There is so much intravenous drip hanging in front, why don't you give me a dose of medicine!"

Ms. L said suddenly suffered from tinnitus in the late autumn of one year and was diagnosed with tympanic membrane depression in a certain government hospital. Two days later, the tinnitus became more and more severe and I hearing decreased significantly. Two weeks later, I went to the otolaryngology department of a major hospital and was diagnosed with Ménière's disease. After intravenous infusion of dexamethasone and ginkgo preparations for a week, the tinnitus disappeared for a time. The hearing test only showed a slight decrease in hearing in the left ear, but I continued to have fluids and take Metso. After the music, the tinnitus reappeared.

She is dark and fat, with a round face, dark circles under her eyes, dry and dull skin, and a tired look on her face. I asked her if she had a cold when she got sick. She said it wasn't obvious, but she had a slight cough. I asked again if it was the menstrual period? She thought about it and said yes. I also asked her how she was sleeping? She said she always wanted to sleep. Finally, I asked how was the poop? She said it was shapeless. During the days of menstruation, I am busy with work and feel more tired.


After taking this prescription, the effect is quick and satisfying.


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