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Herbal tea treats Low-grade fever

# Medical Case:

A female, 39 years old, German.

First consultation on April 10, 2017. Unexplained low-grade fever persisted for more than three months, with a maximum body temperature of 39.5°C. Antibiotics were ineffective for 10 days. Later, abnormal liver function was found.

On April 7, 2017, ALT was 141U/L, AST was 58U/L, γ-GT was 139U/L, and CRP was 52.8mg/L. I hope to switch to traditional Chinese medicine treatment. The patient's body temperature: 39.6°C, with excessive sweating, chest tightness and a sense of suffocation, poor appetite, vomiting 2 days ago, dry stools twice a day, and menstruation 3 days ago. He is 173cm, 73kg, of medium build, with fair skin, unpleasant appearance, thick and greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse of 88 times/min, and discomfort when pressing under the xiphoid process.

Prescription - 5 doses. Follow-up visit 5 days later:

The body temperature has been 37°C in the past two days, and the appetite has improved.

Prescription - 7 doses.

Third consultation on May 17, 2017: I was told that I have continued to take the original prescription and my condition is stable. Since the last consultation, I have only had two low-grade fevers due to fatigue, but they did not exceed 37.8℃.

Fourth consultation on July 11, 2017: Since taking the above medicine, my body temperature has been normal, and my liver function and C-reactive protein have been normal. Checked on July 5, 2017: CRP 39.8mg/L, ALT 44.4U/L, AST 42.4U/L, γ-GT 82.2U/L.


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