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Late-stage diabetes case

Late-stage diabetes case:

Ms. Zheng, 54 years old. First visit on December 14, 2010.

Diabetes for 20 years. Western medicine recommended amputation because of dark purple lower limbs, but she refused and switched to Chinese medicine. She was nearly blind, overweight, dark red face, red and swollen hands, painful joints, and nails had fallen off. She complained of coldness below the waist, back pain and leg pain, especially at night, difficulty walking, cramps in the lower limbs, intermittent claudication; both lower limbs were swollen, pigmented, hard and painful when pressed, and dark purple toes. She sweated easily and had a good appetite. Blood sugar was not well controlled, and blood sugar was still high after taking insulin. Pain when pressing the left lower abdomen, dark red tongue, greasy yellow fur, weak and stringy pulse.

Prescription: Chinese medicine. Take each dose for 1 to 2 days.

I told her to come back for a follow-up visit in 3 months, but she came back 3 years later. The cyanosis of the lower limbs improved, the pain improved, and the surgeon thought that amputation was not necessary. I told her to take the original prescription for a long time.

Third visit on February 26, 2019: Overall condition is good, and he has not been hospitalized during the medication period. There is still numbness and pain in the limbs, and the lower limbs are swollen and dark, but no amputation has been done, and he is out of breath when walking. The original prescription was changed to 20g of Chuanxiong.

Note: Chinese medicine Astragalus... It is mainly used to treat "blood stasis". The clinical manifestations of "blood stasis": First, "external symptoms", that is, carbuncle and ulcer on the body surface; second, "body numbness", which should be hemiplegia, numbness, and stiffness; third, "like wind stasis", which refers to joint pain and limited movement; fourth, "the pulse is weak and astringent", indicating that the pulse is not strong enough and not smooth. This kind of pulse is more common in the elderly and more common in atherosclerosis caused by diabetes. "Blood stasis" is more common in "honored people", which refers to people who live a life of luxury, like to eat rich and sweet food, and lack physical labor. Their characteristics are: weak bones and strong skin, that is, a lot of fat, obesity, and underdeveloped muscles; heavy fatigue indicates fatigue, heaviness, and poor endurance; sweating refers to easy sweating and excessive sweating. It can be inferred that "blood stasis" is very similar to diabetes and its complications. "Heavy fatigue" and "sweating" are common symptoms of diabetes. The body type of "honored people" is also more common in obese diabetic patients. Classical prescriptions and syndromes suggest that Huangqi.... It can be used to treat late-stage diabetes and can also be used to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in middle-aged and elderly people. This case is a patient with late-stage diabetes who is blind, has lower limb pain, and is close to amputation. However, after taking Huang.....Decoction, Guizhi Fuling Pills, Si..... Decoction plus Pueraria lobata and Chuanxiong for more than 8 years, his condition is stable and he has not been hospitalized again. The efficacy is relatively satisfactory.


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